European Commission

European Commission


1. Information about the procurement

ICT Solution: E-ticketing and Distribution Platform

The Eurail Group SEED Project seeks to develop a European standard for Rail E-tickets acceptable for 35 Eurail members across Europe which at present each use a different standard.

Key technologies:

  • Solution for ‘visual validation’ of an E-ticket including security features and barcode
  • Standard App for barcodes
  • Centralised distribution platform with an easy, quick and flexible API integration
  • Electronic travel diary

2. Type of assistance provided by eafip

To the specific tender: support in the selection of tenders and the implementation of a negotiated procedure.  

To the general procurement of the organisation: best practices for innovation procurement, and contract management.  

A new initiative launched by European Commission

and implemented by Stella Consulting and Corvers - Commercial & Legal Affairs