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1. Information about the procurement

ICT solution: Intelligent Service for Management and Production of Laundry (Servicio Inteligente De Gestión y Producción de Lavandería y Lencería – SIGLA)

The Hospital Lozano Blesa of Zaragoza (HCULB) requires an intelligent service for the management and production of laundry. Given the physical and technical obsolescence of the main equipment which has been in constant use for more than 25 years, this includes the renovation of facilities and improvement of existing processes (see:

  The objectives are to:

    • Create a laundry system based on ICT (identification, classification and generation of users data and reports). This system will allow at least the automatic classification and processing of the information and the generation of data, users, and reports.
    • Increase washed and processed clothes in 50%.
    • Improve the efficiency of the process (energy, water, soap, etc., consumption) lowering costs per kg in 20%.
    • Ensure hygiene and disinfection with maximum error of 0.1%.
    • Minimise labour risks.
    • Improve cloth management with stock control with 15% max discrepancy.
  • Make it easy to change uniforms for all staff without number limitation or schedule changes.

The solution sought should involve maximum traceability and information management, both in the washing and distribution processes, and in the identification system used for personal clothing. In addition to the technological innovation, HCULB seeks the improvement of working conditions and reduction of risks inherent in these activities. The solution is intended to reduce the current total costs of the service aiming for greater efficiency, capacity and automation of part of the facilities.

The “Intelligent Service of Management and Production of Laundry” (SIGLA) would improve services including (but not limited to):

    • Reception, sorting, washing and drying process.
    • Automated storage and dispensing of laundry.
    • System of information and integral control of laundry processes.
  • All tasks and structural modifications necessary for the operation of the above.

Key technologies:

    • The intelligent laundry service require an ICT solution for the identification and classification of the different items, as well as the generation of users’ data and reports.
  • The successful tenderer must ensure the renewal and / or technological upgrade, as well as the incorporation of new technologies during the term of the contract.

Type of innovation procurement: Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions – PPI

Timeframe: Jan 2018 – Dec 2018

Budget invested by the procurer: € 4.692.475,- (excl. VAT)

More information:

Scope: LINK 

The actual indicators (kg, energy consumption, costs, etc.) can be found at: LINK

Contract award notice: LINK

Open market consultation results: LINK  

Call for tender: 

  • Tender published on the Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU (TED): LINK
  • Spanish Public Procurement Platform: LINK
  • Profile of Aragon: LINK
  • The information can also be found at LINK 

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To the specific tender:
legal advice and guidance in developing and drafting of tender documents, IPR search and strategy, guidance in implementing the PPI procurement.

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