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Six public procurers and six suppliers are presented in this unique series of videos created by the eafip initiative!  

The videos each feature a European public procurer or supplier who has successfully developed and implemented innovation procurement.  The videos will inspire you in the development and implementation of your own public procurement by deepening your knowledge about innovation procurement and providing invaluable information from both the procurers’ and the suppliers’ side of the PCP/PPI process.  They share with you their approaches, best practices, lessons learned and much more …

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  • Future Hospital Ward Lighting (PPI)

    Steph Holmes Head of Procurement Rotherham NHS Foundation United Kingdom (Public Procurer)

  • Erasmus Medical Center Robotics Bedwashing (PPI)

    Sander Hummeling Global Sales Director IMS Innovations the Netherlands (Supplier)

  • Healthy Ageing – EU funded project HAPPI (PPI)

    Louis Potel European Project Manager RESAH France (Public Procurer)

  • Fire Fighter Localisation - SMART@FIRE project (PCP)

    Enrico De Marinis Senior Scientist DUNE s.r.l. Czech Republic (Supplier)

  • Intelligent Energy Management (PPI)

    Charlotte Lejon Head of Procurement Swedish Energy Agency Sweden (Public Procurer)

  • Lombardy Niguarda Hospital Automatic Bedmover (PCP)

    Lorenzo Gaiani Chief Technical Officer Oppent s.p.a Italy (Supplier)

  • Road works and Major traffic incidents (PCP)

    Eva Hackl Research Management Austrian Motorway Operator (ASFiNAG) Austria (Public Procurer)

  • Personalised e-Learning - IMAILE project (PCP)

    Teemu Laitinen CEO Almerin Ltd Finland (Supplier)

  • Shockwave Traffic Jams (PCP)

    Pierre van Veggel Project Leader Provincie Noord-Brabant the Netherlands (Public Procurer)

  • Telemedicine for Intensive Care Units–EU funded project THALEA (PCP)

    Guillaume van Lamsweerde COO/CTO New Compliance Germany (Supplier)

  • Telemedicine for Intensive Care Units–EU funded project THALEA (PCP)

    Dr. Robert Deisz Senior Physician University Hospital Aachen Germany (Public Procurer)

  • Virtual Road Modelling - V-CON project (PCP)

    Nic Roest Head of Semmtech B.V. the Netherlands (Supplier)

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