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The eafip Toolkit provides support to policy makers in designing PCP and PPI strategies, and to procurers and their legal departments in implementing such procurements. It consists of three modules:

  • Module 1: A strategic module addressed to policy makers, providing economic and case evidence about the impacts and benefits of PCP and PPI, together with concrete guidance on how to embed PCP and PPI into innovation strategies;
  • Module 2: An operational module addressed to public procurers aimed at clarifying the pre-requisites and key steps to design and implement an innovation procurement process (PCP and PPI); and
  • Module 3: A legal / operational module addressed to legal services aimed at clarifying legal issues and provide practical ‘how-to’ guidelines, supported by templates.

Provided the ambitious nature of the Toolkit, the overarching perspective regarding innovation procurement methodologies it covers, as well as the categories of its addressees, the Toolkit is subject to several exclusions, assumptions and qualifications. For more details, please click here.

On the eafip FAQ page you can find answers to questions that may arise when considering the implementation of an innovation procurement project. Also, the FAQ page provides definitions of the most commonly used terms in the Toolkit documents.

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