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1. Information about the procurement

ICT Solution: Use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for the simplification of field work on agricultural and fishing issues

AGAPA needs an innovative solution for the automation and integration of field information in the management systems of the regional agricultural administration. The use of drones and artificial intelligence for the automation process carried out by administration management system (control, evaluation and planning of activities on the field and in the sea) can result in an improvement in the efficiency and quality of public services. The aim is to achieve a faster, more accurate and reliable management, and that farmers have access to the support in less time through a more simplified procedure.

Expected outcome:

  • Improving the quality of public services
  • Reducing time for decision making
  • Optimizing the resources available by reducing associated costs, both human and material
  • Reducing by 70% the costs related to inventories and data and emergencies assessment tasks
  • Reducing by 10% the costs related to the implementation of field checks
  • Reducing by 80% the costs of integrating information into the administration’s management systems
  • Reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the use of vehicles for field and sea actions
  • Reducing by 70% the number of trips
  • Reducing by 40% the costs related to inventories update and maintenance

The socio-economic impact that drones aimed at precision agriculture can have in Spain is estimated at around 585 million Euro in 2035 and 546 million Euro in 2050.

Key technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)
Ongoing project. Completion of technical panel. Market consultation planned for November 2012.

Procurer:  Agencia de Gestión Agraria y Pesquera de Andalucía

Type of innovation procurement: Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions – PPI

Timeframe:  December 2020 – 2022

Budget invested by the procurer:  € 2’044,667,-

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To the specific tender:

assistance in the prior art analysis, business case, preparation of a market consultation, the procurement strategy and tender documents

To the general procurement of the organisation:

best practices for innovation procurement.

Ongoing project. Completion of technical panel. Market consultation planned for November 2012.

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