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1. Information about the procurement

ICT Solution: Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

The need for data security, integrity and privacy of brain data affects the individual personal rights and freedoms of every citizen. With this in mind, the project specifically addresses needs that meet the strategic guideline topics “Resilient IT”, “AI” and “Human-technology interaction”. The main question is: How can the communication between human operators and technical systems be facilitated harnessing neural interaction instead of vocal or motoric inputs?

Focus areas:

  1. Incremental improvement of the BCI functionalities (e.g. measurement of the number of neurons and their accuracy)
  2. Large-scale evaluation of neurodata (including through the use of machine learning options)
  3. Mobile BCI – Opportunities to use BCI outside and without clinical facilities trained personnel
  4. BCI development in principle for the consumer sector (e.g. for wellness, gaming)

Key technologies:

  • Machine learning

Due to institutional reasons, Cyberagentur decided to choose for the BCI project a trajectory according to § 17 of the German VgV (Verhandlungsverfahren).
The tender will be launched on TED by the end of September 2022. The project will last 3-4 years.

The support of EAFIP on how to implement a PCP has provided Cyberagentur with a basis to launch a PCP on cybersecurity: 19 Teilnehmer im Wettbewerb um 30-Millionen-Forschungsauftrag | Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit GmbH ( and several more potential PCPs are in the pipeline.

Ongoing. Tender launch end September 2022. The project will last 3 – 4 years.

Procurer:  Cyberagentur

Type of innovation procurement: Pre-Commercial Procurement – PCP – further decided to follow the trajectory according to § 17 of the German VgV (Negotiated Procedure).

Timeframe: TBD

Budget invested by the procurer:  10m

Market consultation:  TBD

More information:

2. Type of assistance provided by eafip

To the specific tender:

assistance in the preparation phase including a follow-up EU wide open market consultation, the definition of the procurement strategy and support during the procurement phase.

To the general procurement of the organisation:

best practices for innovation procurement.

Ongoing. Tender launch end September 2022. The project will last 3 – 4 years.

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