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1. Information about the procurement

ICT Solution: Big Data for Personalised Medicine (MEDP-BIG DATA)

MEDP-BIG DATA aims to improve diagnosis, treatment and research in chronic, oncological, degenerative and rare diseases, either for emergencies or flow management, through personalised medicine with new tools of BigData. The system will serve as a support to clinical decisions oriented to each individual patient including the support of assisted autoanamnesis by facilitating algorithms.

The Health Services of the Canary Islands, Andalusia and Valencia will be provided with instruments that allow them to make health decisions adapted to the characteristics and individual needs of each patient. Clinical, pathological, image, prognostic and predictive variables, like other non-clinical and available outside the health system (style of life, adherence to treatment, etc.) will be considered.

The solution (s) will integrate data from various sources, and facilitate its analysis and exploitation, making it possible to determine patterns of evolution of the disease, therapeutic response, etc. It must be focused towards the management of these diseases with criteria of opportunity, effectiveness, efficiency, feasibility and sustainability of assistance health.

Key technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and predictive models
  • Virtual patient assistant for diagnosis, simple treatment, extension of reports and personalised health.
  • Management of large volumes of Data
  • Analytics using open data (text mining, datamining, statistical, predictive and descriptive models)
  • Clinical data quality evaluation
  • Interoperability and security of big data services in health and research repositories
  • Predictions by similarity of clinical routes
  • Aggregate medical evidence through decision theory
  • Multi-criteria stratification of patients
  • Early and quantitative treatment evaluation
  • Interrogation to repositories through abstractions
Ongoing project. Contract awarded in April 2022 for Phase 1 of the PCP.

Type of innovation procurement:  Pre-Commercial Procurement  – PCP

Timeframe: Sep 2019 – June 2023

Budget invested by the procurer: € 6.000.000,-


Market consultation:


More information:

Specifications document:

Tender documents: DOC_CD2021-712051.pdf (

Website Gobierno de Canarias: FID Salud Program (promotion of innovation from the demand side)

Contract notice (published 8 September 2021): 

The contract was awarded (05/04/2022) to 3 companies for Phase 1 of the PCP:

  • GMV SOLUCIONES GLOBALES INTERNET, S.A.U: total of 417.888,81 euros for Phase 1
  • UTE18/CPP1 QWERTY – LABERIT: total of 418.264,66 euros for Phase 1
  • VIRTUAL DOCTOR AND MEDICINES, S.L.: total de 313.697,70 euros for Phase1.

More information contract award Phase 1:

2. Type of assistance provided by eafip

To the specific tender:
support throughout the preparation phase and the drafting of tender documents.

To the general procurement of the organisation:
best practices for innovation procurement, development of a business case and contract management.

Ongoing project.
Contract awarded in April 2022 for Phase 1 of the PCP.

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