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1. Information about the procurement

ICT Solution:   AI Tool for Near Zero Energy Industrialized Social Housing Building

AVRA needs a new advanced software tool, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), to support the design, implementation and maintenance of modular buildings, and the industrialized construction of social housing with almost zero energy consumption.

The innovation procurement project of AVRA covers the proof of concept and evaluation of the technical feasibility and commercial potential of a modular and flexible system.

The results of the project include:

  1. A new catalogue of industrialized construction elements and a system to manage and update it.
  2. An expert system, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), for industrialized modular construction design, using a knowledge base and an inference engine with machine learning functionalities. This system will allow to model buildings in BIM format and carry out simulations of advanced energy and economic systems, including the calculation of the carbon footprint throughout the entire life cycle of the building, standard compliance, return of investment and maintenance costs. This to ensure the best environmental and economic results for the promotion and construction of social housing.
  3. A prototype and virtual pilot at the laboratory level in BIM of a nZEISHB building, to be built on a plot of land of AVRA. This prototype is unprecedented and represents a relevant advance for practice and evidence of the requirement that all new buildings have almost zero energy consumption.

The tool should provide the designer, planner and those responsible for the construction with advanced simulation and optimization functionalities (rapid prototyping) that would allow early detection and correction of problems and conceptual, constructive or exploitation incidents, as well as the integration in the design stage and project schemes, patterns and modular industrialized building models for almost zero energy consumption.

The results would allow AVRA to face more complex and advanced designs, in line with the new guidelines of economic, social and environmental sustainability. AVRA would thus count on the advanced technological resources necessary to confidently address the important challenge of promoting public housing in the coming years.

Key technologies:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Big data for modelling and construction
  • Open source systems
Contract Notice expected in Q4 2022.

Type of innovation procurement: Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions – PCP

Timeframe: Contract notice expected in Q4 2022

Budget invested by the procurer: € 2.307.820,00,-

Market Consultation: performed in 11/2020 – follow up in October 2021

More information:

More information:

Website of procurer: LINK

2. Type of assistance provided by eafip

To the specific tender:

assistance in the preparation phase including a follow-up EU wide open market consultation, the definition of the procurement strategy and support during the procurement phase.

To the general procurement of the organisation:

best practices for innovation procurement.

Market Consultation performed in November 2020. Follow up in October 2021. Contract Notice expected in Q4 2022.

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