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1. Information about the procurement

ICT Solution: Ambulance Navigation and Information System

RAV Brabant MWN is looking for an end-to-end solution (including software and hardware), that is easy to replace in case of breakdown (less cables and apparatus), that has increased location precision, an immediate response time and less margin of error, as well as enables the sharing of information between the ambulance and the patient information to provide for a better health service. In addition, the solution should be based on a map/application that already includes considerable amounts of geolocation information and positions, also allowing to keep the information that RAV Brabant MNV generates by operating the solution.

With the innovative tools, RAV Brabant Midden-West-Noord wants to obtain a secure and precise signal that is highly efficient with continuity in GPS use,  as well as with the communication of patient information. The software and hardware to be used in ambulance systems will have a dual approach for: (1) encrypted communication of the patient information, and (2) encrypted satellite information.

The Ambulance Navigation and Information System will improve the quality and efficiency in ambulance services with the use of encrypted satellite information to prevent the services from obtaining misleading signals in the coordinates of the ambulance trajectory. A reduction in costs is also expected as a result of the precision of the tools and a better spreading of the position of the ambulances.

Key technologies:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Global Navigation Satellite System
  • Map applications
  • Encrypted communication
Ongoing project. Contract Notice published 23 September 2022. Award contract expected in December 2022/January 2023.

Procurer:  RAV Brabant Midden-West-Noord

Type of innovation procurement: Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions – PPI

Timeframe: Contract notice expected in Q1 2023

Budget invested by the procurer:  € 500.000,-

Preliminary Market Consultation: 14 May 2022
Link to Prior Information Notice (PIN) of the Market Consultation published on the Dutch Tenders Platform TenderNed

Link to the EU Market Consultation Survey: EUSurvey – Survey (
(here you can also download the OMC-Document)

Link to a replay of the Open Market Consultation webinar of 14 May 2022:

Contract notice:  Published 23 September 2022
Link to publication on TED: Supplies – 518104-2022 – TED Tenders Electronic Daily (
Link to publication on TenderNed (Dutch national platform): RAV Brabant MWN navigation and information system (NIS) – Documenten – TenderNed

More information:

Website of procurer about this procurement:

2. Type of assistance provided by eafip

To the specific tender:

Support in the open market consultation, state of the art analysis, business case, and guidance in defining an overall Innovation Procurement and IPR strategy, drafting of tender documents and implementing a PPI procurement.

To the general procurement of the organisation:

best practices for innovation procurement.

Ongoing project. Contract Notice published 23 September 2022. Award contract expected in December 2022/January 2023.

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