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1. Information about the procurement

ICT Solution: 112 location autonomous system using software defined radio (SDR)

Forests cover almost 30 percent of Romania’s land area and high mountains are situated in the middle of the country. Emergency services need to be prepared if anything happens within mountain regions – from passengers on airplanes (all flights between major cities pass over mountains), ultralight aircraft or gliders, to hiking enthusiasts or ski lovers: anyone could fall victim to an accident in the mountainous areas. The problem is worse if someone gets lost without a mobile network connection, in which case a system that is capable of locating the victim using his/her mobile phone is needed.

The 112 location autonomous system is intended to find victims no matter what kind of mobile phone they have (a smartphone or a legacy phone without GPS receiver) and even if there is no coverage from mobile network operators. No application needs to be installed on a device for the system to work, and the victim does not have to take any action, just to have a running mobile phone. The system would force the victim’s mobile phone to register on the rescue mobile and then, using the angle of arrival (AOA) localisation algorithm, provide the precise direction from where the victim transmits in order to rescue them. The intention is to install the system on a helicopter as mobility will lead to greater efficiency.

Key technologies:

  • Techniques for mobile communications and localisation that can provide a must-have system for public protection and disaster relief institutions.
  • Solutions that work in 2G, 3G and 4G technology.
Project temporarily in pause due to institutional reasons.

Type of innovation procurement: Pre-Commercial Procurement – PCP  

Budget invested by the procurer: € 840,060 (excl. VAT)  

More information:  The 112 national service

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Project temporarily in pause due to institutional reasons.

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