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This workshop was hosted by the
3rd  iProcureNet Advanced Security Procurement Conference.

The event took place on 16 & 17 March 2023 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

This workshop was hybrid. One could choose to participate either physical at the conference in Bratislava or online.

Next to this hybrid workshop – EAFIP also gave a presentation on ‘Innovation Procurement rationals & practice‘ on the first day of the event.
For more information on this presentation and the iProcureNet Conference – please click here.

A 2 hours webinar for European public buyers, suppliers and policy makers

This 2-hour workshop showcased procurement cases on construction, infrastructure security & energy innovations in ICT related projects.

The cases addressed relevant innovations implementing ICT solutions, sustainable aspects and security measures to safeguard infrastructure.

– How to embed good practices in your procurement to obtain innovative and sustainable solutions?
– How to formulate functional requirements to implement ICT innovations in construction, infrastructure security & energy projects?

These and other questions were addressed by experts/invited speakers from across Europe, through example cases.

Among the case studies that were presented as examples were:

– The Sustainable Reconstruction of the Motorway A6 presented by Jeroen van Alphen from Rijkswaterstaat – Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, The Netherlands, and

– The joint-cross border Pre-Commercial Procurement of breakthrough solutions for 100% renewable energy supply in buildings presented by ProcuRE.

Download the detailed agenda here


17 March 2023
12:45 – 14:45 CEST
Type:Hybrid workshop
(participation possible both online and physical)
Costs: Participation to this webinar is free of charge,
but registration is mandatory

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