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Key ICT public procurers in EU Member States

One of the key tasks of the eafip initiative has been the identification of key ICT procurers across the 28 EU Member States. This exercise has so far resulted in a list of over 2,500 EU ICT procurers across 10 sectors; the list is presented for information purposes below.

CountrySectorProcurer nameEstim. yearly ICT BudgetEmail
ATPostalÖsterreichische Post AG (FN 180219d, HG Wien)1 Mio € - 10 Mio €not available
ATPostalEinkaufsgruppe Technische Anlagennot availablenot available
ATPostalÖsterreichische Post AG (FN 180219d, HG Wien)not availablenot available
BEPostalBpostnot availablenot available
BEPostalInternational Post Corporation SCRLnot availablenot available
BEPostalEuropees Parlement, directoraat-generaal Presidium, directoraat bibliotheek en documentenbeheer, eenheid officiële postnot
BEPostalDe Postnot availablenot available
CYPostalOffice of the Commissioner of Electronic Communication and Postal Regulationnot
CZPostalCCeská pošta, s.p.10 Mio € - 100 Mio €not available
DEPostalBundesnetzagentur für Elektrizität, Gas, Telekommunikation, Post und Eisenbahnennot
DEPostalPostbeamtenkrankenkasse, handelnd in eigenem Namen und im Namen der Bundesanstalt für Post und Telekommunikationnot
DKPostalPost Danmark A/S1 Mio € - 10 Mio €not available
ESPostalS.E Correos y Telégrafos, SA> 100 Mio €
FIPostalPosten Åland AB1 Mio € - 10 Mio €not available
FIPostalItella Posti Oy1 Mio € - 10 Mio €not available
FRPostalLa Poste - Direction des Achats Courrier10 Mio € - 100 Mio €not available
FRPostalLa Poste10 Mio € - 100 Mio €not available
FRPostalLa Poste - Direction des Achats10 Mio € - 100 Mio €not available
FRPostalLa Poste - Direction du Courrier10 Mio € - 100 Mio €not available
FRPostal[La Poste] direction des achats de l'Enseigne La Poste (DHA-ELP)1 Mio € - 10 Mio €not available
FRPostal[La Poste] Paris dion des achats opérationnelle1 Mio € - 10 Mio €not available
HRPostalThe Croatian Agency for mail and electronic communicationnot
HRPostalCroatian Postnot
HRPostalHP - Hrvatska pošta d.d.not
HUPostalMagyar Posta Zrt.10 Mio € - 100 Mio €
IEPostalAn Post10 Mio € - 100 Mio €not available
ITPostalPoste italiane SpA> 100 Mio €
ITPostalPoste italiane SpA – acquisti - acquisti I &CT10 Mio € - 100 Mio €
ITPostalPoste italiane SpA - società con socio unico -acquisti - programmazione e acquisti di servizi1 Mio € - 10 Mio €not available
LUPostalEntreprise des postes et télécommunications Luxembourgnot availablenot available
LVPostalValsts akciju sabiedrība “Latvijas Pasts”not availablenot available
PLPostalP.P.U.P. "Poczta Polska"10 Mio € - 100 Mio €
PLPostalPoczta Polska Spółka Akcyjna1 Mio € - 10 Mio €not available
PTPostalCTT - Correios de Portugal, SA10 Mio € - 100 Mio €
SEPostalPosten Meddelande AB1 Mio € - 10 Mio €not available
SEPostalPosten AB100 T € - 1 Mio €not available
SKPostalSlovenská pošta, a.s.1 Mio € - 10 Mio €not available
SKPostalMinisterstvo dopravy, pôšt a telekomunikácií Slovenskej republiky1 Mio € - 10 Mio €
UKPostalRoyal Mail Group Ltd10 Mio € - 100 Mio €not available


The list is not intended to be comprehensive and is limited by the sources and resources available to the eafip team. The term “key” is subjective and indicates the relevance of the procurers for eafip.

The budget figures, where available, are annual estimates and are provided for indication purposes only.

For confidentiality reasons, the contact details provided are general email addresses only and where available; for further information please check TED or other online sources.

If any incorrect email address or other information has been published, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can correct it.

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