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The call for eafip assistance is open for the final time!

Receive free hands-on and tailored support in developing your innovation procurement

The European Commission has re-opened the call for free eafip assistance – apply now in order to receive hands-on and tailored support in developing your own innovation procurement project through PCP or PPI. For example, the eafip initiative can provide assistance (including legal assistance) in the start-up and implementation of the innovation procurement. Or in the development of ICT solutions for your concrete needs by comparing and validating alternative solution approaches from different vendors. Or perhaps you are managing an ongoing national PCP or PPI, and would like a specific / targeted type of assistance or second expert opinion? We are there to help you and to address your specific needs. 

All public procurers from EU Member States are eligible to apply for Assistance.

A Europe-wide network of procurement lawyers is available to provide the Assistance which is financed by the European Commission and comes at no charge to you.

In particular, the eafip Assistance can support you with:

  • Scoping identified procurement needs that can be tackled with innovative solutions;
  • Preparing and conducting an EU wide published open market consultation;
  • Drafting tendering documents; and
  • Launching an EU wide published call for tender.

Assistance includes one-to-one meetings, support by email, hands-on guidance and individual support (including legal support) to prepare and implement a PCP or a PPI procurement. The assistance provided within the eafip initiative does not consist of financial support for activities carried out by the procurer. Each project selected for Assistance will benefit from a limited number of man-days assistance that are provided free of charge to the procurer by eafip and that will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Local assistance is provided in the local language of the procurer through the eafip network of experts established across all the EU Member States under the coordination of Corvers.

In order to apply for eafip Assistance, first check out the eligibility criteria to confirm your case is eligible, and then submit the form below before midnight on 31st January 2018.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The eafip initiative is already supporting eight public procurers from across the EU to develop their innovation procurement (a PCP or PPI) by providing assistance (including legal assistance) in the start-up and implementation of the innovation procurement.

Find out more about the cases already receiving Assistance from eafip.

Procurers receiving assistance


Details of the public procurers already receiving eafip assistance will be posted regularly on this page.



Eligibility and scope

Who can benefit from Assistance under the eafip initiative? What does Assistance under the eafip initiative comprise?


eafip lawyer network

The eafip network of lawyers brings together some of the most renowned innovation procurement professionals in Europe.

A new initiative launched by European Commission

and implemented by Stella Consulting and Corvers - Commercial & Legal Affairs