European Commission

European Commission

The eafip initiative is supporting 12 public procurers from across the EU to develop their innovation procurement (a PCP or PPI) by providing assistance (including legal assistance) in the start-up and implementation of the innovation procurement.

The application for eafip assistance is open until midnight 15th June 2017.  You can apply by following the link below.

Important: Please make sure that you have read the information about eligibility and scope of the assistance before applying. If you have any questions you can contact us on this page.

Procurers receiving assistance


Learn more about the procurers who have already received assistance from the eafip initiative.



Eligibility and scope

Who can benefit from Assistance under the eafip initiative? What does Assistance under the eafip initiative comprise?


eafip lawyer network

The eafip network of lawyers brings together some of the most renowned innovation procurement professionals in Europe.

A new initiative launched by European Commission

and implemented by Stella Consulting and Corvers - Commercial & Legal Affairs