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The first eafip workshop was organised jointly with NHS England, focusing on innovation procurement of ICT-based solutions in the health and elderly care sector.

eafip supports EU public procurers in the design and implementation of innovation procurement of ICT solutions. In this workshop, public procurers in the healthcare sector got the chance to receive information and hands-on support about:

  • Concrete cases of new procurement needs identified by the participating key procurers;
  • The upcoming EU funding opportunities in the health / elderly care domain; and
  • The different steps of designing and undertaking a PCP or PPI procurement.

Agenda: link

Participants list: link

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Presentations held during the event

Session 1: Introduction to Innovation Procurement, benefits and funding opportunities

Jaakko Aarnio, PCP/PPI benefits

Jaakko Aarnio, Funding opportunities in Horizon 2020 – Innovation Procurement for health and elderly care


Session 2: Innovation Procurement in health and elderly care – case examples and lessons learned (PCP)

Denisa Nadin and Andy Bleaden, SILVER – Supporting Independent LiVing for the Elderly through Robotics


Session 3: Innovation Procurement in health and elderly care (continued) – case examples and lessons learned (PPI)

Louis Potel, The Happi Experience

Lorna Green, Innovation Procurement Projects in the NHS


Session 4: The eafip Innovation Procurement Toolkit

Oana Pantilimon Voda, The eafip innovation procurement Toolkit


Session 5: Parallel sessions in groups

| Group 1. Concrete scenarios for Innovation Procurement implementation (PCP tender preparation / PPI tender preparation / Open market consultation)

Oana Pantilimon Voda, Concrete scenarios for innovation procurement implementation: Steps for preparing an innovation procurement project

| Group 2. Potential areas for cross-border PCP/PPI cooperation – networking in preparation of Horizon 2020 calls for proposals that support innovation procurement in health and active ageing domain (calls PM-12 (PCP), PM-13 (PPI) and PM-19 (PPI))

Chiara Martini, The sooner, the better: a feel like home facility for just discharged elderly patients

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