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The European Commission organised this eafip workshop which targeted public procurers in the water sector (ministries, regional and local authorities, public utility companies, etc.). The workshop was held in the Water Campus (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands) on 9th February 2016. The aim of the event was to highlight the benefits of innovation procurement of ICT solutions through the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) approaches across Europe.

The workshop featured:

  • Presentation / networking discussion on the EU funding opportunities for PCP and PPI (in the framework of the Horizon 2020 calls).
  • Presentation of case examples and lessons learned.
  • Presentation / networking discussion on the eafip Toolkit (aimed to support you in preparing your innovation procurement).

The workshop was only open to public contracting authorities who had a unique chance to openly discuss unmet procurement needs, innovation concepts, project ideas, and much more. Procurers had an opportunity to briefly present their ideas / plan / projects in the parallel sessions.

This workshop was held in the framework of the EIP Water Conference on 10th February 2016, which was organised under the general theme of “How is water innovation succeeding in Europe?”.

Lunch and coffee were provided.

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Presentations held during the event

Session 1: Introduction to Innovation Procurement, benefits and funding opportunities

Vasileios Tsanidis, PCP-PPI benefits

Session 2: Innovation Procurement in the water sector – case examples and lessons learned

Benedicte Kjorsvik and Christian Tveitnes, No dig challenge

Session 3: Innovation Procurement in the water sector – case examples and lessons learned (continued)

Gilles Neveu, Water PIPP Peter Jeppe Tolstrup, Climate change adaptation partnerships

Session 4: Innovation Procurement in the water sector – case examples and lessons learned (continued)

Tommy Giertz, PE-pipes

Session 5: The eafip Innovation Procurement Toolkit

Stephan Corvers and Ana Jaramillo, eafip Toolkit Stephan Corvers, eafip local assistance

Session 6: Parallel sessions in groups

| Group 1. Concrete scenarios for Innovation Procurement implementation (PCP tender preparation / PPI tender preparation / Open market consultation)

Oana Pantilimon, Concrete scenarios for IP implementation

| Group 2. Potential areas for cross-border PCP/PPI cooperation – networking in preparation of Horizon 2020 calls for proposals that support innovation procurement in water-related domain (calls SC5-27, ICT-33a, ICT34, ICT-27(d))

Vasileios Tsanidis, H2020 support to PCP-PPI projects Rene Kint, Central data Distribution Layer

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