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European Commission

Key ICT public procurers in EU Member States

One of the key tasks of the eafip initiative has been the identification of key ICT procurers across the 28 EU Member States. This exercise has so far resulted in a list of over 2,500 EU ICT procurers across 10 sectors; the list can be accessed for information purposes below.

Construction, housing and community amenities

Education, recreation, culture and religion _________

___________ Environment _ ____________ ____________

_______________ Energy sector ___________  ________________

_______________ General public services ______________

_____________ Health and social protection ____________

 _____________ Postal services __________ ___________

____________ Public order, safety and defence

_____________ Transport services __________ __________

________________ Water ________________ ________________

Public Procurer Survey

Available in several EU languages

In order to understand the relative importance of unmet needs within the EU, the EC is collecting data from key public procurers with potential interest in procuring new innovative solutions in the coming years. The results will help the EC to prioritise these needs in the upcoming years, in view of allocating funding for calls under the next Horizon 2020 Working Programmes If you are a public procurer, we would kindly ask you to take 5 minutes to fill in this short online survey:

Presentations from the events

The presentations held on the eafip events can be downloaded from the respective event pages.

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