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The second major eafip event took place in the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) in Athens, Greece on 18th and 19th October 2016.

This two-day event targeted procurers, policy makers, procurement law firms and businesses, to raise awareness about the most recent outcomes from major PCP/PPI initiatives across Europe, and organised networking sessions between stakeholders to discuss best practice, new ideas, initiatives and current funding opportunities for PCP/PPI projects. In addition, public procurers had the opportunity to present proposal ideas, discuss with relevant EC officials and network in view of the preparation of these calls.

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Organised in co-operation with the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism – General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection

Presentations held during the event

Day 1

Welcome by the European Commission and the co-host

Peteris Zilgalvis, European Commission

Session 1: Tackling public challenges through innovation procurement 

Sara Bedin, independent expert

Vassilis Tsanidis, European Commission

Session 2: EU-funded cross-border PCPs and PPIs

Anna Kasimati, Preforma PCP

Anna Sachinopoulou, Decipher PCP

Alexander Berler, Decipher PCP

Gaynor Whyles, JERA Consulting

Sander Hummeling, IMS Innovations

Peteris Zilgalvis, European Commission

Session 3: Innovation procurement experiences in Europe

Aurelija Kazlauskiené and Sigute Stankeviciute, innovation procurement in Lithuania

Stephan Persson, SAMSA PCP

Benno Koehorst and Marcelle van Valkenburg, V-CON and CHARM PCP

Doris Scheffler, support in North Rhine-Westphalia

Marjo Ojala, City of Espoo PPI

Iñigo Yenes, PRACE-3IP PCP

Session 4: Horizon 2020 funding for innovation procurement

Vassilis Tsanidis, European Commission

Day 2

Parallel session on call SC5-25 on soil decontamination

Christos Fragakis, European Commission

Sara Bedin, BRODISE project

Parallel session on calls 4-DRS, 9-FCT and 13-BES on security



Project EWISA

Parallel session on call PM-19 on e-health standards

Gerald Cultot, European Commission

Project EEP-e-Health

Idea BravoSolution

Parallel session on call EE-19 on energy efficiency

Olav Luyckx, EASME (European Commission)

Project CEPPI2

Parallel session on call ICT-27(d) on robotics for smart cities

Mariusz Baldyga, European Commission

Idea BravoSolution

Parallel session on call ICT-33(a) for networks of procurers in any area of public interest to prepare future PCPs / PPIs that require ICT based solutions, and call ICT-33(b) on the network of Competence centres for Innovation Procurement

Vassilis Tsanidis, European Commission

Project KOINNO

Optional lunchtime session in Greek: Kick-starting innovation procurement in Greece

Vassilis Tsanidis, European Commission [in Greek]

Konstantinos Tzanetopoulos, General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer of Greece [in Greek]

Session 3: The eafip Toolkit for public procurers

Ana Jaramillo, Corvers Procurement Services

Session 4: Roundtable discussion on the local assistance to PCP/PPI procurers

Jacqueline Klaassen, Waterschapshuis

Ana Jaramillo, Corvers Procurement Services

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