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The first major eafip event took place in the City Hall of Paris on 27th and 28th October 2015. The two-day event targeted procurers, policy makers, procurement law firms and businesses, to raise awareness about major PCP/PPI initiatives across Europe and organise networking between stakeholders to discuss new ideas, initiatives and funding opportunities for on PCP/PPI.

The agenda included presentations on the strategic use of innovation procurement by key cities, regions and countries across Europe; presentations by successful PCP and PPI projects; discussion groups on future funding opportunities; as well as the launch of the eafip Toolkit.

EC representatives presented the calls in the framework of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-2017 covering EU funding opportunities for PCP and PPI and provided the latest information about how to gain access to the ca. € 130 million budget for innovation procurement projects. In addition, public procurers had the opportunity to present proposal ideas, discuss with relevant EC officials and network in view of the preparation of these calls.


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Presentations held during the event

Day 1

Session 1: Economic impact of Innovation Procurement in Europe

Sara Bedin, Quantifying the Impact of PCP in Europe based on evidence from the ICT sector


Session 2: Strategic Framework for Innovation Procurement

Frederik Claerbout, Public procurement policy in Flanders – an integrated approach

Carine Saloff-Coste and Virginie Blanchet, Procurement of the city of Paris

Eva Buchinger, Innovation Procurement – The Austrian Strategic Policy Approach

Andras Hlacs, Strategic Framework for Innovation Procurement in Hungary


Session 3: OECD Survey on Strategic Innovation Procurement

Anne Müngersdorff, Survey on strategic Innovation Procurement – Structure & Recent Developments


Session 4: Mainstreaming Innovation Procurement in Europe

Marnix Surgeon, Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility (H2020 PSF)

Sigrid Rajalo, Innovation procurement: ERAC Recommendations – Implementation in ESTONIA

Marieke van Putten, Public Procurement of Innovation

Kirsti Vilén, Mainstreaming Innovation Procurement in Europe – Finnish point of view


Session 5: Innovation Procurement Implementation in Europe

Leon Verhaegen, Collaboration in the Limburg supply chain of water

Ramon Maspons, The STOPandGO PPI experience

Lieve Bos, Innovation Procurement implementation in Europe – First results EU funded projects

Christian Tveitnes and Benedicte Kjørsvik, NoDigChallenge


Session 6: The eafip Toolkit module for Policy-makers

Ramona Apostol, Innovation Strategy and Public Procurement


Day 2

Session 1: HORIZON 2020 Funding for innovation procurement

Lieve Bos, Horizon 2020 funding for Innovation Procurement (PCP and PPI)


Session 2 – First round of Parallel Sessions on thematic domains in which HORIZON 2020 Funding is planned in 2016-2017

|Session on calls PM-19 (PPI) and PM-12 (PCP) on e-Health

Introduction by moderator Jaakko Aarnio, Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing

Ashley Stewart, Using Innovation Procurement to Develop a Sustainable Solution for Bed Washing at Erasmus Medical Centre

Laura Sanchez, EPP-eHealth Project

Javier Quiles del Río, Improving Healthcare with PCP – A Galician public health system (SERGAS) Initiative

Vasiliki Moumtzi, Patients empowerment in managing their health and chronic diseases through open innovative services

Songul Mutluer, Innovation of the Procurement of Social Services: the Dutch case


|Session on call EE-19 (PPI) on Energy Efficiency

Introduction by moderator Olav Luyckx, EE-19-2017: Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions for energy efficiency

Rabih Bashroush, Does your data centre or server room need a “EURECA” moment?

Steph Holmes, Ultra Efficient Lighting For Future Wards – LCB-HEALTHCARE Pilot Project

Charlotte Lejon,  A Platform for Facilitation of Innovation Procurement


|Session on call EO-2 (PCP) on Space/Earth Observation

Introduction by moderator Nicolas Peter, Session on call EO-2 (PCP) on Space/Earth Observation

Marc Tondriaux, Presentation to the Paris Event Parallel session on EO-2 PCP call

Daniela Iasillo, EO and PCP in a Space Cluster Perspective

Grazia Fiore, Satellites for Society – Reporting on the operational uses of satellite-based services among public administrations in Europe

Geoff Sawyer, PPI for EO Services


Session 3 – Second round of Parallel Sessions on thematic domains in which HORIZON 2020 Funding is planned in 2016-2017

|Session on call ICT-33 (CSAs) Networks of procurers for preparing future PCPs and PPIs that require ICT based solutions & on call ICT-34 for PCPs in any area of public interest that requires new ICT based solutions

Introduction by moderator Lieve Bos, ICT-34 Pre-Commercial Procurement Open

Frederik Roose, Hydrography 2.0

Nick Brennan, ICT-34: Capitalising on the achievements of FIRED-uP

Davor Meersman, Procuring the EIT Data-Driven Learning Platform

Adam Matthews, Introducing Building Information Modelling (BIM) into Procurement models to save cost and stimulate innovation

Ramon Maspons, Opportunities for public procurers

Diego Macchiella, The TLC network for the Integrated Water Service – VIVERACQUA

Meltem Imamoglu, Interoperable e-Procurement System for SMEs

Maren Geissler, We need to create a safe and stressreduced operating theatre

Jacques Van Berkel, ICT-34-2016 and C-ITS corridor between Rotterdam and Vienna – a match?


|Session on call PM-13 (PPI) on Active Ageing

Introduction by moderator Peter Wintlev – Jensen, Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 1 Work Programme 2016-17 PPI on Innovative Solutions for Active and Healthy Ageing

Ramon Maspons, The STOPandGO PPI experience: next steps


|Session on call MG – 4.4 (CSA) on deployment of Urban Transport solutions

Introduction by moderator Henriette Van Eijl, Call for proposals for topic MG – 4.4 (CSA) on deployment of Urban Transport solutions

Ruben Prins, CHARM-PCP

Leon Smith, PRO-LITE


Session 4 – Part 1: Broadening the scope of support to the demand-side

Lieve Bos, Broadening the scope of support to the demand side

Stefan Wurm, Ideas for „Broadening the scope of support to the demand side“ – from PPPI Service Point Austria

Annais Le Corvec, Voucher scheme to support the procurement of innovation in public organizations


Session 4 – Part 2: Making the link between Innovation Procurement and the EU SME instrument

Bertrand Wert, Boarding in the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument – How to connect Innovative SMEs & Procurers of innovation?


Session 5: The eafip Toolkit module for Public Procurers

Stephan Corvers and Oana Pantilimon Voda, The eafip Toolkit module for Public Procurers

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